Quality people doing excellent work!


I have been going to Bexley Auto Repair for several years now and have never had a bad experience. I started using them because the shop is a short walk from my house, but I've kept on coming back because of their superior customer service and honesty. They always call me up and describe what work needs done in detail. They give the price up front without me having to ask and always give me a follow up call the next day to make sure everything is working okay. I always ask them to show me what work was done and where when I pick my car up and they always patiently oblige. I could probably save a few bucks by taking it to other shops way across town, but to me it is worth it to have trust in my mechanic. I always read bad reviews from other garages saying how work was only partially done or parts were found missing, but I am confident that I won't have this experience with Bexley Auto Repair.


The best thing about Bexley Auto is that all estimates are done free of charge. The owner, who is both interested and involved with his clientele, insists that no one should be charged to find out how much it would cost to get something fixed. While this is laudable, I am unsure whether or not he simply works his cost into his quotes. Either way, this shop should certainly be considered for a second opinion (at the very least). As for my personal experiences with the shop; it is a mixed bag. On one hand, they seemed very honest and helpful, keeping me in the loop on what was happening at the shop and allowing me to make the tough decisions. Even going so far as to put in a fuel injector for free once it became apparent that I wasn't interested in spending any more money with the shop on that particular vehicle. On the other hand, he wasn't able to identify the problem with my car without first doing a major tuneup which cost roughly $500. I know I didn't take care of the car so it is fully possible that it needed it, but I still would rather not spend $500 to find out that my car will cost too much to fix. Overall, Bexley Auto has all the makings of a trustworthy shop. I hope that it is because I am looking for a long term relationship. Stay tuned:

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