Oil Change and Filter Replacement Services in Bexley

An oil change and filter replacement service is one of the most important auto maintenance services that ensure that your vehicle continues to perform excellently. Regular oil changes are also necessary to extend your engine life. Oil lubricates your engine and reduces the friction between the engine components. It also acts as a cooling agent for your engine. The oil and its system of filters absorb harmful particles created during engine combustion. To keep your engine operating at an optimal performance level, routine lube and oil change service is necessary.


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What Does Our Lube, Oil, & Filter Change Service Entail?

During an oil change, our technicians will remove old oil from your engine and replace it with new oil. We will also replace the old oil filter with a new one. Routine lube and oil change service also involves lubricating the chassis components of the car based on the manufacturer’s standard. At the end of every lube and oil service, our staff will ensure that your engine oil is clean and all the parts of your engine are fully lubricated.

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With time, the oil in your engine will become oversaturated with particles and contaminants left behind by combustion in the engine. Oversaturated oil is not an effective lubricant because it loses its viscosity. Running your engine on this type of oil will overwork the engine system, cause excess heat due to increased friction, and can lead to engine failure. This is why the oil and its filter need to be replaced to keep your engine running properly. Call us today to schedule your next lube and oil change service in Bexley.

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The Bexley Automotive Difference

At Bexley Automotive, we specialize in full oil change services as part of our auto repair services. Our experts service all makes and models of vehicles including cars, vans, and trucks. Our technicians are trained professionals and our services are designed to meet your vehicle warranty standards.

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Bexley Automotive provides lube and oil change services in Bexley, OH, and the surrounding area. Our comprehensive services will help you maintain the performance of your vehicle by preventing mechanical wear and internal engine damage. Get in touch with us to schedule a consultation today.

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