Taking care of your vehicle means getting regular tune-ups. This ensures that everything is in working order so your car can keep running for years on end. Cars are complicated machines, and even the smallest pieces play a huge role in its operation. If you let a small problem go unchecked or unfixed, it can eventually require large repairs later on, or even may become unfixable. Make sure your car is always in the best shape possible with regularly scheduled tune-ups from Bexley Automotive. Learn some of what is included in a tune-up here, contact our garage for an appointment, or drop by for a quick checkup today!

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A typical tune-up will include:

  • An oil and filter change
  • Engine lube check
  • Tire and brake inspection
  • Driveline check
  • And more

Oil and Filter Change

The oil in your car’s engine is what keeps all of the parts running smoothly, and the filter is there to make sure that the oil stays as clean and pure as possible for the longest amount of time that it can. However, even the best oil and the highest quality oil filters will eventually wear out. Oil also has a tendency to begin to leak out through small cracks or slowly begin evaporating over time. If you operate your car without enough oil, the parts inside the engine will begin grinding against each other, causing serious damage. When you get an oil and filter change from Bexley Automotive, we will ensure that your engine is running as smoothly as possible, and we will give you an estimate of when you should come in for your next change!

Engine Checkup

Just as your engine filters oil, it will also filter air throughout the system to help keep everything running properly. Our team can check the various air filters in your engine and change them if they have become clogged with particles that have been filtered out of the air. When there is more dirt or other contaminants filling the filter, it will cause your engine to work harder than it has to, reducing its overall lifespan. In a tune-up, we will also check the rest of your engine to ensure that no parts are faulty, because as we mentioned earlier, even the smallest parts of the car and engine can have a large impact on the vehicle’s performance.

Tire and Brake Check

Your tires and brakes are what keep you moving (and stopping) on the road day in and day out. Making sure that your tires are in good condition is important, because if they are too worn down, you will quickly lose traction on the road. If the weather conditions are less than optimal, you will notice your car skidding around much easier than normal. When the tread is wearing down, you also run a much higher risk of popping a tire while you are driving. Similarly, your brakes are one of the most important parts of the vehicle, as they allow you to stop at the right time. If your brakes go out because they weren’t checked or replaced, you will be in serious danger, and you will become a hazard to those around you. Our Bexley, OH team will make sure your tires and brakes are ready for anything during your next tune-up!

Driveline Inspection

The driveline of your car is what transfers power from the engine to the wheels. It includes the axles, driveshaft, wheels, joints, and a variety of other parts. When this is not working properly, you may be in danger of a failure in the vehicle. While all vehicles are built to have sturdy parts, the driveline can be one of the more fragile pieces due to its many moving parts in and under the car. The tune-up process will make sure that everything is aligned and that there are no issues that will cause problems for you while you are driving.

Schedule A Tune-Up Today

Get a tune-up today from Bexley Automotive and make sure your car is ready for anything. From cross-country trips to a simple outing to the grocery store, you always want to be as safe as possible on the road. Contact us or visit our central Ohio location for a tune-up.

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